Jennifer Harman – The Best Woman Poker Player

Being a true poker fan and player means you know and study the best poker players in the world, whether they are male or female doesn’t matter. So if you are a true fan then you know who Jennifer Harman is and what she has done for the game of poker. She is the only woman poker player to win two bracelets in the World Series Of Poker open events.

Jennifer Harman was born in Reno, Nevada and started playing poker at the age of eight. If you were ever wondering why she is so good then this might just be why. She is married to fellow professional poker player, Marco Traniello. If you are a limit hold’em player then you could pick Jennifer Harmans brain by reading the limit hold’em chapter of the Super System 2. This book is filled with many great tips and tricks, all of which you should read as a poker enthusiast. Some of the other greats that wrote for this book were; Daniel Negreanu and Jonny Chan.

Something many people don’t know about Jennifer Harman is that she founded a charity in 2004 called Creating Organ Donation Awareness (CODA). The reason for her creating this charity is because she has suffered from kidney problems just like her mother did and died from when she was only 17 years old. Could you imagine still playing at such a high level while dealing with kidney problems? Also in 2004 Jennifer Harman underwent her second kidney transplant which took her away from the poker scene for a little over a year. Another thing you may not know is that starting in earlier 2009 Jennifer Harman was the woman behind a number of celebrity poker charity events that rose over $100,000 for her Creating Organ Donation Awareness charity.

The life of poker star Jennifer Harman hasn’t always been easy, and that is shown with her luck at the tables. Jennifer Harman has never won a World Series Of Poker Main Event, which is everybody’s ultimate goal but she still has many great years left. Even though she hasn’t won the main even she has won 2 bracelets and had 24 money finishes that account for almost $750,000. So as you can see her time is not wasted at the tables. Jennifer Harman might just be one of the greatest women poker players to ever play the game, but she still has a ways to go and competition catching up quick.

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