Hall of Famer Barbara Enright

Barbara Enright is most notably know in the poker community for being inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame alongside fellow poker player Phil Helmuth on July 6, 2007. There is a long list of reasons why Barbara Enright was inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame starting with her 3 World Series of Poker Bracelets, 4 final tables, 12 money finishes and placing 5th at the World Series of Poker Main Event in 1995. Barbara Enright also finished in the money during the 2005 World Series of Poker Main Event that she qualified for with a $10 online satellite tournament.

What many people don’t know about Barbara and mostly because they weren’t into poker when she was doing a lot of the winning was that she was one of the very first woman to be seen regularly at the poker table. Barbara Enright is also the only player in history to be inducted into all three halls of fame which are; Senior Poker Hall of Fame, the World Series of Poker Hall of Fame and the Women in Poker Hall of Fame.
Most people would believe that to be inducted into all three poker hall of fames that she would have made millions upon millions playing, but this isnt’ the case. Being that Barbara did most of her winning when poker was still pretty new and not paying much she has only amounted $1.3 million in earnings with about $500,000 of that coming from her 13 cashes at the World Series of Poker Events. Among the earnings she was awarded the All Around Best Player Award at the 2000 Legends of Poker tournament where she won a new Chrysler PT Cruiser.

Being a female poker player can be tough especially when most of the people around your are male, but this hasn’t stopped Barbara Enright from doing what she does best and making the money she knows how to make. There have not been many tournaments that she hasn’t been in, for instance she has played in Tournament of Champions held in New Orleans, The Poker Royale: Batter of The Ages, and other evens as well. You would think that life has always been a dream for Barbara Enright, but it wasn’t always like this. She started out working three jobs as a cocktail waitress, bartender, and hairstylist just to provide for her family while playing poker part time. Soon she was making so much playing poker that she quit all three jobs and turn to poker to support her and her family.

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