It’s not that surprising today to see a woman play poker. But why do some women still prefer playing online than in casinos? Find out here.

If you look at casino halls today, you often see fewer female gambling players compared to the male ones. In days gone by, it was easy to explain this by saying that there were more male gamblers than there were women gamblers. But the same cannot be said today.

Before, only a few women played poker. It’s as if poker was the domain of men, but not anymore. As years passed by, it has become socially acceptable for women to battle it out against their male counterparts at the poker table. Not only that, they also have become financially able to play any gambling games whether at online casinos or land-based ones.

Another reason why more women gamble today is the existence of online gambling. Studies show that there are more women found in online poker sites than there are men. This is also a probable reason why you don’t see a lot of women at the casinos. Apparently, it’s not because that they do not gamble. They actually do gamble, but they do it online. If you can’t see them inside casinos, you’re probably looking in the wrong place.

Why do women prefer online poker?

Among the many reasons is security, and another is comfort. The ladies prefer staying home and playing poker online because the interaction is not physical. There are male gamblers inside casinos who hit on the female players, and some women do not like that. They want the total freedom and anonymity that online poker can offer. In online poker, if another player hits on them through chat, they can easily ignore that player. Some even use male names to play and remain completely invisible.

Let’s face it. A lot of women are still tied to household chores or are busy raising children up to this day and age. That makes it nearly impossible for them to go out and play poker in casinos. This is why online poker is such a blessing to them. Because of online poker, they can still experience the same thrill even without leaving home.

Some women still feel victim to the social stigma that women should not play poker. They do not want to be subjected to unfair judgment that’s why they do not go to casinos. In online poker, they can play as much as they like without disclosing their identity, and gender to the other players. They won’t be judged according to their gender, but according to their poker skills.